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Install outdoor putting grass designed to provide golfers with most realistic golfing experience

Quality artificial grass

You can trust our team to install artificial grass that is ideal and durable alternative for grassy areas that suffer due to heavy usage or places that are difficult to maintain under normal condition.

Get natural looking lawns

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Quality installation

Do you want a perfect lawn but find it extremely difficult to achieve? Plunk's Landscape & Construction Inc. will come to your rescue and help you get the lawn you've always wanted. Artificial grass and lawn products will help you get a beautiful lawn. Our artificial grass is designed and installed to perform in all types of climate including hot, cold, wet and dry. Call us today and become the envy of your neighborhood.

  • Simulate look, feel and performance of natural grass (in any home and business)

  • Durable

  • Withstand extreme temperature

  • Mowing - not needed

  • Watering - not needed

  • Fertilizer - not needed

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